You could say taste is in my blood as the 4th generation of a family firm that has been in the food business since 1925.  Flavour combinations, recipes... and the real business of production and consistent delivery. Thing is, beer for me was just a hobby.  I had been drinking and admiring handmade micro brewery beers for many years now, in fact you could say its my number one passion alongside fast cars (never enjoyed at the same time of course, always drink responsibly kids!) My fridge and cupboards are constantly stocked with all kinds of weird and wonderful brews from around the UK.

However, driving all over the country picking up a case here and there became tedious after a while, and I thought to myself after many trips, there must be an easier way to get my hands on these hand crafted brews. As I sat supping one night I thought how many other people must be doing the same crazy pilgrimage just for the love of beer?! A few more beers to get the creative juices flowing, a beer mat, a parker pen, some Tipp-ex and many hours later and Beer365 was born.